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JUGmajster - brand new speakers wanted!

Attention, Java world! Once again, JDD attendees will select the best speaker - JUGmajster. Note: the candidates come from local Java User Groups and appear on JDD stage for the first time!

At JDD we focus on creating a community-driven schedule - that is the origin of JUGmajster competition. Thanks to cooperation with Polish JUGs, great speakers from local communities get a chance to perform on a large stage, and we are able to deliver a truly relevant conference program.

How to become a JUGmajster?

Reach out to your JUG leader, who can nominate you as a candidate or apply yourself. Apply via CFP form (type “JUGmajster” in the comments section + name of your JUG).

Why is it worth apply?

You get all the rights of a JDD speaker:
- a recording of your presentation (available online),
- a slot in the schedule,
- motivation and support from the Advisory Board.

The JUGmajster receives a prize and a Wild Card for the 4Developers 2018.

call for papers

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