Why Online?

Why Online?

The great 15th edition of The Coolest Conference on Java in Poland is getting closer!

This year our gathering will be totally special, because of two reasons:

– firstly, it’s our Juke’s 15th Birthday Party!
– secondly, we have to make it online

Why we do it online?

The reason is simple. It‘s not safe for people to gather in large groups for conferences now or in the foreseeable future this year. We really don’t want to expose your health and, on the other hand, we know that we can’t let Juke’s down on his birthday! That’s why we’ve decided to organise and coordinate the JDD Birthday Party Conference 100% online. This way we can care for your health and still make Juke happy by celebrating with him his special jubilee days!

How will JDD 2020 Jubilee Edition look?

JDD 2020 Jubilee Edition is a three-day event, which attracts top experts, famous speakers, experienced professionals, Java User Groups, and, most of all, lots of passionate people keen to broaden their knowledge of Java – all in the remote mode. We’ll get together (this time online) for the Java community, as we do since 2006.

What will we provide you at JDD 2020 Jubilee Edition?
Well, that’s a lot to count!

1. WELCOME PACK (for normal tickets) that includes: JDD hoodie, delicious remote dinner, awesome and unique Java Dream craft beer & package of conference materials – all sent to you before the conference
2. 15% discount on JDD 2021 tickets
3. !!September Bundle!! that means FREE tickets to our other terrific conferences that will be held in September: DevopsDays Krakow & 4Developers. Check them out! <
– DevopsDays is the super unique conference that allows to broad your knowledge in topics of Cloud Native, Containers and Microservices, Lean and DevOps. It’s both a technical conference and a conference focusing on culture, processes, and structure within organizations.

– 4Developers is the biggest interdisciplinary IT Festival in Poland that focuses on the multidisciplinarity. Here you can check the newest trends in many other languages of programming and technologies by taking part in lectures on 14 paths (!): .NET, Application Architecture, Bottega Innovation Labs, Bottega Frontend, C++, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Java, JavaScript, Machine Learning, Mobile, PHP, Tests & QA, Soft Skills & Business Relations.

4. schedule based, among the others, on CFP forms and last year questionnaires, where attendees shared their must-be topics (JVM (Java, Scala, Kotlin…); Functional Programming; Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes; Cloud, AWS; Machine learning, AI; Architecture; Testing, TDD, BDD; Agile; Future of Java; Processes and Tools; Getting Started; Clean code; IoT, VR, AR)
5. keynote speakers
6. hottest Java trends and many Java experts
7. long-dated access to presentations only for JDD 2020 attendees
8. online discussions and Q&A with speakers
9. celebrating Juke’s 15th Birthday Party with us!
10. the element of normality in these hard times
11. stationary: discussion panel & Afterparty for the ones who want to meet in person! (this part may be changed because of COVID-19 situation)
12. lots of online & offline beer-talks!
13. huge enthusiasm shared by great people
14. the cool and open atmosphere with the highest standards of safety
15. lots of online attractions and contest with awesome prizes
16. an online meeting with Java communities from all over the country

Make Juke happy on his birthday and join JDD, like other 1100 Java heads did last year!
Meet us online, learn, evolve, and have fun, because the remote mode can also be hot – that’s what Juke says when we were writing this event description. Come on, lets get Juke’s party started!

Watch the recap of the last stationary edition: https://tiny.pl/tsljj

Need more?

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– Get venue maps – Find out more about speakers – Communicate with other attendees – Lets us provide you with updates